Sunday, 8 Aug 2021

Alternate Angles  

The good people at Bored Panda have found a subreddit called Alternate Angles where alternate views of well known events, landmarks or people, etc. are shown in a way not normally seen.

Onlookers watch on 9/11 as the Twin Towers collapse.

The Beatles preparing for their Abbey Road album shoot.

Statue of Liberty at the 1878 Paris World Fair, before being assembled and shipped to the USA.

Check out Bored Panda for their top 30 Alternate Angles.

Saturday, 7 Aug 2021

Lego Roller Coaster  

YouTuber, Half-Asleep Chris has built a floor to ceiling rollercoaster from 37,000 pieces of Lego. He had to compromise with the underlying structure built from wood, but the end result is still impressive.

This is every Lego builders dream.

Golden Age Karate  

Teenager, Jeff Wall is a Karate expert and now dedicates a lot of his time teaching Karate to the elderly. The video highlights how martial arts can have a positive impact on a person’s character, very inspirational.

As I’ve said to many people, it doesn’t matter what style of martial art you choose, they’re all good in one way or another. The challenge is to master that art and become a better person from it. This is a great example

Spring in Denmark  

Stunning timelapse video of the beginnings of Spring in Zealand, Denmark. This is one of a series of four covering each season. Be sure to check out Winter, Autumn and Summer if you like this.



There are a few sites like Music-Map that match similar artists to a specific one, but Music-Map stands with its bare-bones simplicity. Music discovery sites can be a bit hit or miss but I’ve found a few new artists using this

Via The Loop

Friday, 6 Aug 2021

Beautiful Maps  

The people over at Muir Way in San Diego, CA. make beautiful maps. Not maps you’d fold up and put in the glovebox but maps you would frame and admire. The 3D effect of the maps is created by overlaying Digital 3D Data over vintage Geological maps. The end result is breathtaking.

Btw. My birthday is in April.

Wednesday, 4 Aug 2021

Mimu Gloves  

Not cheap, but I so want a pair!

Tuesday, 3 Aug 2021

The Spring Paradox  

How is it that sometimes removing a road from a congested traffic network can improve traffic flow? The answer is in Braess' Paradox named after the German Mathematician Dietrich Braess who first postulated it in 1968. The paradox is similar to the Spring Paradox, both of which are explained in the video below.

If you enjoy mathematics, you'll be interested to see the full analysis of the spring paradox here.

Via And now it's all this