Tuesday, 28 Jun 2016

The Vikings from Iceland are taking over Euro 2016

Twenty-seven thousand Icelandic fans, or eight percent of of the country's population of 332,000, are at Euro 2016. This tiny country has captured the attention of every Soccer fan following the Euro 2016 championships, firstly by beating Austria last week 2-1 to make it to the final 16, then just this morning, by beating England 2-1 to make it through to the quarter finals. This video looks at how such a tiny cold country has risen from being ranked number 112 in the world to 23rd in just a few short years.

Also impressive is the fans' perfectly synchronised, Viking-like chant which is said to "terrify" rival fans and players.

UPDATE: While looking at YouTube clips of the fans chanting, I noticed this clip which appears to be recorded at the same moment as the clip linked above but from a fan about a dozen seats across sitting directly in front of the drummer. You can see the drummer and the person filming in the original clip.