Monday, 2 Jun 2014

Pushing iOS - a great interface concept

UX/UI and Branding Architect, Jay Machalani has come up with a great interface concept for iOS he calls the “block system” for displaying simple app data right on the home screen, similar to Windows Phone tiles or Android widgets.

On iOS you can’t do shit. You have to open and close every single application. Open mail, check your Mail, close Mail. Open Facebook, check Facebook, close Facebook. You might say that your notification center helps you on this –true- but what about news or just looking at the latest photo a friend posted, there’s no notification for that. You have to hunt for the content you want or might want. iOS basically gives you a static grid of everything you have on your phone and tablet and you need to go through all of them to get the content you want. You can change the backgrounds and move around your icons, but that’s basically it. No functionality, no features, no personalization… nada… zero… absolument rien… kedal.

It’s highly unlikely we’ll see anything like this in the upcoming iOS 8 but I sure hope Apple notices this, the current interface really could do with some improvements along this line.

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