Saturday, 17 Sep 2016

A real world review of the iPhone 7

A great review of the new iPhone 7 and 7 plus by Matthew Panzerino of TechCrunch. Bonus points for using “fart” in the opening sentence.

If you’ve read one of my reviews before then you’ll know I do things a bit differently than other tech writers. For one, I use the phones as normal. I don’t torture test them or run dozens of artificial benchmarks unless they provide an interesting window into advancements in performance that are going to make a real difference to you.

Frankly, with platforms like iOS, where the hardware is a near constant, developers are going to be producing software that utilizes exactly what resources Apple makes available to them — no more and no less. So wasting time on a bunch of random numbers (higher is better! lower is better!) doesn’t really serve the audience most of the time because everything should run well.

Well worth reading if you’re even remotely interested in the new iPhones.