Sunday, 9 Feb 2020

20 Designs that inspired the modern world  

While many would disagree with some of these selections, its still an interesting look at some of the objects that have influenced design today.

Thursday, 6 Feb 2020

How to break Google Maps  

A German man with a trolley full of phones running Google Maps managed to create a fake traffic jam.

I seriously want to try this outside our house, say every morning between 7 and 9am.

Tuesday, 14 Jan 2020

A Decade of Apple  

A great summary of every major event at Apple over the last ten years. Just today we were talking about the Apple vs Flash showdown, it only seems like yesterday.

Wednesday, 9 Oct 2019

BMW Painted a car so black you can't see it  

BMW recently painted an X6 model car entirely in Vantablack, a material so black it absorbs 99.96% of light causing surfaces to lose all definition and depth. I have no idea why they did this other than to say they did it, but its pretty cool even if it will never be driven on a public road!

Friday, 30 Aug 2019

Apparently we're the ones moving  

Watching this freaks me out - I know we live on a planet that's constantly spinning through space, but we don't ever notice it, ever. However photographer Eric Brummel found a simple way to remind us of this fact.

By using a star-tracker on his camera, he created a time-lapse of the night sky in California where the sky and the Milky Way remain still and the earth moves. Check it out.

Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018

Carlos Santana teaches guitar  

"If you don't stand like that, it ain't gonna sound like that."

This makes me want to start playing again.

Monday, 5 Nov 2018

Game of Thrones Tapestry  

In a similar style to the Bayeux Tapestry a 66 metre long tapestry has been created depicting the entire Game of Thrones story. By the end of the final season it’ll be longer than the 70 metre long Bayeux Tapestry at 77 metres. The video below shows the entire length of the tapestry as it currently is, up until the end of season 7.

The video is almost 21 minutes long, which is still much shorter than the 67 hours it would take to watch all of seasons 1 to 7.

Friday, 17 Aug 2018

Aretha Franklin 1942 - 2018  

Aretha Franklin, The Queen of Soul, died yesterday at age 76. Quartz has a great tribute to Aretha with many quotes, videos and photos.

“The girl has taken that song from me. Ain’t no longer my song. From now on, it belongs to her.”

—Otis Redding, after hearing Aretha’s version of “Respect”

Two stories I loved reading about, one where she stood in for Pavarotti at the 1998 Grammys:


Of all the unpredictable moments that ended up defining the ‘98 Grammys, only one had a resolution that everyone could agree was a triumph. When Grammy Living Legend honoree Luciano Pavarotti informed the show producers that he was too ill to sing his “Nessun Dorma” aria as scheduled, they reached out to soul legend Aretha Franklin -- who had performed the song at a MusiCares dinner nights before in Pavarotti’s honor -- to step in for her friend at the last second. Franklin agreed, and the vocal powerhouse’s jaw-dropping understudy moment is still considered one of the greatest performances in award-show history.


The other story was from a concert at San Francisco's Fillmore West where she brought Ray Charles up on stage to sing with her. SF Gate talks about the event.

On the third night of a three-night stint at San Francisco's Fillmore West in 1971, Aretha Franklin pulled an "impeccably dressed" man from the audience onto the stage.

He was dressed in "charcoal from head do toe" and his eyes were "obscured by wrap-around dark glasses," The Chronicle reported in a review of the show.

Within seconds the huge crowd recognized Ray Charles and he joined Franklin in the legendary 9-minute rendition of "Spirit in the Dark." (The two had allegedly met for the first time earlier that day.)

You can see the moment at around the 55 minute mark in the video below.


Thursday, 16 Aug 2018

Could climate change affect the 2020 election?  

Thomas Friedman from the New York Times has an interesting opinion piece on the possibility if climate change having a significant impact on the 2020 election.

What if all the extreme weather this year — linked to climate change — gets even worse and more costly? What if the big 2020 issue is not left-right — but hot-cold or wet-dry? What if the big 2020 issue is not “Who lost Russia?” or “Who lost North Korea?” but “Who lost planet Earth?”

Friday, 10 Aug 2018

Is 'Better Call Saul' better than 'Breaking Bad'?  

Mathew Olson from Digg takes a look at the current state of Better Call Saul as the first episode of season 4 airs. Considering Better Call Saul is a prequel to Breaking Bad, its worth considering how the two shows compare, especially now that Better Call Saul is well into the story. Olson makes the point that Better Call Saul is slower paced and that's A Good Thing, It gives the characters more time to develop and more care is put into how the story develops.

By contrast, "Better Call Saul" has largely kept its life or death stakes at a background hum, instead landing its heaviest dramatic punches with each decision Jimmy makes in the slow-motion car wreck that is his life.

No episode better demonstrates "Saul's" perfectly-pitched storytelling than season 3's mid-season stand-out "Chicanery," which ends with Michael McKean's unforgettable performance as Chuck in full meltdown mode, obliterating his own credibility while savagely raking Jimmy over the coals to a stunned courtroom.

'Chicanery' is probably their standout episode in the first three seasons. Listening to the show's creators discussing the courtroom scene on the Insider Podcast (definitely worth listening to if you're a fan of the show) helps you appreciate the detail and careful planning that went into just that one scene.

I've really enjoyed the first three seasons and have been looking forward to season 4 for an eternity. The story definitely runs at a slower pace than Breaking Bad ever did and yet the episodes and character development is just as captivating.

Via digg